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Veritas Tax Services (VTS) offers a personalized tax preparation and filing experience. What does that mean, you ask? It means we get to know you and your specific tax needs, and we let you know who we are.


Why is that important? Because trust matters. We know there's a Lady Liberty dancing on a street corner near you, and she's literally sweating in January for the chance to prepare your taxes. But you don't hire that beacon of opportunity for the same reason that you don't hire a baby-sitter off Craigslist or a maid you just met at a bar. These are people you need to know and trust. You don't want to find out in two weeks that your house cleaner moonlights at a 24-hour pawn shop across town.


Just over 90% of our clients were refered to us by other VTS clients. Not only do we make their lives easier by staying up to date on all tax laws that apply to them, but we also look for ways to help them reduce their future tax liabilities. The sign-dancing freedom gargoyles won't provide that service, and here are the two reasons why. First, they simply do not have the skillset. They weren't trained to do that. Second, it just isn't worth their time because they won't see you next year anyway.

We do what we do so you can do what you do...better. That's why we set aside our off-season for amending old tax returns and for Business Consulting, including setting up LLCs, S-Corps, C-Corps and Non-Profits. 

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Why choose VERITAS?
Help Us to Help You Best

Begin with the End in Mind

The Boy Scout motto is "Be Prepared," and the underlying assumption is that one can generally anticipate what might come in handy during a foreseeable future event.

Well, tax filing is certainly a foreseeable future event, and being prepared for it is easier than you might think. Download our Tax Information Package (TIP) and fill it out. We need this information along with your official tax documents before we can start preparing your tax filing for any year.


If you need services for more than the current tax year, help us keep things straight by clearly indicating what has changed from one year to another, or have a separate TIP to indicate any information that was specifically relevant for each year (number of dependents, filing status, etc.).

In the end, what you want is a hassle-free tax filing, and the best way to start that process is by filling out our TIP form.

Think of the Possibilities

Have you heard of Possibility Thinking? The idea is that we often think in terms of what is probable, not what is possible, mostly because we fear uncertainty. Human history shows what lengths we will go to for a reliable prediction. Today, we know of two sure things - one of them is taxes. Chasing phantoms of probability robs you of peace and happiness.

When you think of something as being probable, you lose the belief that your involvement matters - fatalism. When you think of something as being possible, you begin to consider what you can do to affect the outcome. We need you to think of the possibilities, not what you believe is most likely. We don't know what to do with what you think will be the case. What we can do is deliver the most favorable results possible with the data you provide.

Your input does affect the outcome. Opinions and fears affect it negatively. Positive possible thinking helps us to help you.


Our goal at Veritas Tax Services is to provide effective tax strategies to reduce your tax liability or maximize your refund.


Whether you are an individual or family hoping to get the most out of your child tax credits, or a small business owner trying to make sense of complex federal and state tax laws, we are here to help.


We also work hand-in-hand with many industry professionals in the financial services sector. No matter what your tax or financial situation might be, our preparers and consultants will design a solution to fit your needs!