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Meet the Team

Veritas Tax Services (VTS) is a small, hard-working tax preparation and consulting firm. VTS was started by Jeremy Sargent in 2013 with the goal of providing tax services that were both personal and affordable.

'Veritas' is the Latin word for 'truth' and comes from the Latin root virtus, meaning 'virtue' or 'merit'. Having spent years helping clients recover from bad tax situations caused by careless or unscrupulous tax and financial advice, Mr. Sargent recognized that trustworthiness and good faith were in short supply in the tax preparation industry. He decided to found the company with a single word that would represent the values of honesty and forthrightness we strive to provide to our clients with all of our services.

Scroll down to meet your VTS team members.

Jeremy Sargent | Founder and President



Jeremy has prepared taxes and provided tax strategy consulting since 2001. Having prepared over 10,000 returns ranging from individuals to complex non-profits, he claims to enjoy researching tax law - which is obviously not true since no one actually enjoys that. What he does enjoy is helping people get what they deserve for their labors, and making sure that their generosity to others and their investments in the future are valued as such.


As President, Jeremy oversees our day-to-day operations at VTS, most of which involve black coffee and Vivaldi's Four Seasons. During the tax season (notably missing from Vivaldi's works), he is survived by his three young children, Logan, Kate, and Nora.

Jonathan & Michelle Sargent | Remote Coordinator/Office Manager



Jonathan recently came on board with VTS as a Preparer and Remote Coordinator. Prior to joining the team, he finished his post-graduate coursework at Westminster Theological Seminary with a view toward bi-vocational ministry. He and his wife, Michelle, began their parenting journey in 2010 when they adopted a set of 4 siblings. They are now expecting their seventh child in May of 2020. They are obviously not afraid of hard work, daunting challenges, or stepping on Legos barefoot.

Michelle studied Evolution/Animal Science at Oklahoma State before blending her love for animals and for people into a rewarding career in the animal salon industry. Now she is our frontline soldier at the phone, and her administrative skills keep the rest of us from drowning in mounds of post-it notes. She flatly denies being a Timelord of Gallifrey, regardless of how often she seems to know of events before they  happen.

The "Veritas Verified" Network


While tax preparation and book-keeping are the primary focus of our company, we have invested in building a trusted network of business and financial associates. Working together, we strive to provide custom-tailored solutions for each and every one of our clients. Please contact us if you are needing a Payroll Company, an HRA company, an Investment Company, and much more. 

The "Veritas VIP" - (That's You)


You are the most important part of the VTS Team. You are the small business owner trying to figure out payroll. You are the single mom trying to figure out health insurance tax credits. You are the young pastor trying to understand what your church secretary told you about the taxability of your housing allowance. You are the multinational corporation trying to figure out the FATCA form your bank in Luxemburg is making you fill out. You are the retired couple with the self-directed IRA. You are the family that just adopted two special needs kids and are trying to understand the adoption credit. You are the client - and the only reason we are here, doing what we do.


How may we help you do what you do better?

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